What is Jadu Full Stack Developer Fellowship Program? And My experience after attending one-week classes.


First of all, I want to thanks all the Jadujobs team who give me this opportunity. I feel very proud to be a part of the Jadu fellowship program.

About Jadu

Jadu means Majic name itself tells the story. Jadu offers a new path to a rewarding career by creating a new way to learn and work. They aim to enhance and instill essential skills and expertise in the youth, and to link them with organizations all around the world to find remote jobs.

What is Jadu Full Stack Developer Fellowship Program?

The program is an immense, hands-on, online program taught by pioneers in the tech industry, aimed to impart technical and soft skills to people and help them into remote job placement.

The 4-month remote work fellowship is focused not only on developing technical skills but also on polishing interpersonal skills essential to take a remote job.

The program will also connect students to a global community of tech experts who will assist them in finding remote jobs all around the globe.

Following is the course content of this program

Jadu Fellowship Program Contents

My experience after attending one-week classes

The first week’s classes were all about knowing the program, course outline, installation of basic tools which we are going to use in this program like VsCode, and interacting with each other. To beginners, this program is planned from the very beginning like what is Internet. They created a discord server where we communicate with each other as a Jadu community. Everyone tries their best to help each other. The teachers are really good and talented especially Mr. Arsalan who is teaching us programming in this program. The process of communication is smooth and most of all I get to learn and get inspired by new ideas in each session.

I’m really excited to move ahead with this amazing program with full motivation. The excitement to learn new things and doing things in a well-organized manner is ineffable.

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Flutter developer, Mechatronics Engineer, Cats lover

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Arsalan umar

Arsalan umar

Flutter developer, Mechatronics Engineer, Cats lover

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