Learning MERN stack in 100 days of Code challenge

Two months ago I joined the program of full-stack development in JaduJobs. In the first one and a half months, we cover HTML, CSS and Javascript. But after that, we come to React.js part.

At that time I feel less motivated toward learning because I feel React a little bit difficult because I came from a mobile application development background. To keep me motivated I have given a 100 days code challenge to myself. I got this idea from twitter where people are sharing their daily progress with the hashtag #100dayscodechallenge. I thought that would be a great way to learn new things. Then I prepare a little syllabus to follow during these 100 days. In which I first put the React.js part.

I got the basic concepts of react from Arsalan khattak lectures at JaduJobs but I missed some parts due to my internet connection problem. So I thought it good to start with basics again and then dive deeper.

So I planned to do a course on react from udemy of Maximilian Schwarzmüller.

Progress of my 100 days code challenge

Day 01

  • Studied the advanced ES6 javascript
  • get knowledge about the basic concept of React.js

Day 02

  • I have done the basics of React by watching Mosh video from youtube.
  • Started Udemy course on React Today End Result: Counter Application

Day 03

Day 04

  • Studied about the styling React Components & Elements from the course.

Day 05

  • Learn more about styling in react.
  • Studied the techniques to debug the react Apps

Day 06

  • Completed 7 modules of react course on Udemy
  • Dive Deeper into Components & React Internals

Day 07

  • Studied the react useEffect hook for functional component and lifecycle hook for class base component in react.

The speed of my learning process is slow in this 100 days code challenge because I have a job and other things to do in my daily routine. But everybody knows this quote.

Slow and Steady Wins the race

I thanks JaduJobs Team who keep us motivated during the program to become the full-Stack developer.

Thank you for reading the article so far, and please let me know your feedback. You can check my GitHub. If you liked my article, Please do clap and follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter. Thanks

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