A Week with JavaScript

You hear right that this whole week I only learn and implement JavaScript. It's our seventh week with the jaduJobs Full-stack development program.

Before JavaScript, I do programming in Dart language with the flutter framework. I found JavaScript syntax and concepts very similar to the dart language so it took a very short time to get familiar with the javascript.

First JavaScript Project

This week we were assigned a project by our mentor Arsalan Khattak. In which we have to work in team. Project was to create the login, register, and home page of the website. And for login and register, we have to use the local storage to save the user data.

Now the Javascript part was given to me to implement the functionalities in the website. I was very excited to get hands-on experience in a new language. I feel no issue in implementing the javascript part due to its large community which answered every single query on StackOverflow.

Some of the glimpse of my javascript implementation

Register Page with JavaScript

Start of React.js

In parallel with the project, we started learning react.js. React is an open-source, front-end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components.

We studied the folder structure of react. Then we learned how to use function-based and class-based approaches to write our code. Mostly function-based approaches are used because it is faster as its syntax is easy with less code as compared to class-based approaches.

Introduction with npm and yarn package manager

yarn and npm

We also study a little bit about the JSX syntax in react. Then we learned to use npm & yarn which is a package manager which includes the codes with predefined libraries. we created a react default project using this npm package manager.

Thank you for reading the article so far, and please let me know your feedback. You can check my GitHub. If you liked my article, Please do clap and follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter. Thanks




Flutter developer, Mechatronics Engineer, Cats lover

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Arsalan umar

Arsalan umar

Flutter developer, Mechatronics Engineer, Cats lover

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